H.G Wells was never like this….

4:02 PM 10 SEPTEMBER 2016

A compelling read, the concept is an intriguing one, the consequences of which underpin an extraordinary connection between the main characters, Henry and Clare. To describe the novel as an “old-fashioned love story’ is to underplay the depth of the examination of attachment and loss, experienced by the main characters. The flitting between time and place and the respective ages of Henry and Clare may be distracting for some, but is deftly handled by Niffenegger. The author makes wonderful use of the latitude afforded by the device of time travel and her narrative is sparklingly inventive, excruciatingly tender and crushing in it’s portrayal of despair. Originally unsure whether this was aimed at female readers, I was blissfully swept up in the story and absolutely enjoyed the book for the quality of the writing and a very thought-provoking premise. Bravo!


Rating: 4 out of 5.